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Overview is intended as a reference on the role of the qualified professional asset manager (QPAM) for trustees of ERISA governed pension funds with real estate as part of their asset allocation model.

American has acted as a trusted advisor in complex and specialized real estate transactions, helping plan sponsors and their advisors by serving as an independent fiduciary and/or a QPAM with respect to certain transactions on behalf of institutional investors. American can be of benefit to all parties by identifying the important issues involved in complex real estate transactions, and in helping to determine the scope of responsibility.

About American Realty Advisors

American Realty Advisors acquires, manages and disposes of real estate assets and portfolios of real estate assets and underwrites, evaluate and make loans for its separate accounts and commingled fund clients.

In addition, American can act as an independent fiduciary and investment manager under ERISA and has qualified as a Qualified Professional Asset Manager (QPAM) in order to provide services to clients that may include:

  • reviewing real estate transactions involving parties in interest
  • evaluating potential conflicts of interest
  • providing oversight of the development of construction projects involving related parties
  • conducting due diligence for new investments involving related parties

American has acted on behalf of more than 200 Taft-Hartley clients, and has been involved as the independent fiduciary, investment manager or QPAM for over $3 billion in real estate transactions. We have a strong track record of economically targeted investing and union job creation.

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