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Investment Manager Responsibilities

The investment manager is typically responsible for overseeing the plan's real estate investment program. It is typically the investment manager's responsibility to:

  • source investments to be made on behalf of the plan;
  • perform the appropriate due diligence to substantiate the long-term value of investments and confirm that investments are consistent with the plan's investment guidelines;
  • oversee all the legal negotiations and related activity necessary to close acquisitions and/or loan transactions;
  • oversee all portfolio and asset management responsibilities during the term of the investment;
  • develop appropriate ongoing investment management strategies;
  • oversee the leasing, financing, maintenance, and renovation of all aspects of the property;
  • develop valuation models in order to report accurate information to the plan with respect to the value of its investment;
  • oversee all disposition efforts; and
  • maximize the value of the asset.

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